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Rashid Azar

Teachings of Quran

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What Allah Wants us TO DO in Quran:


Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion, colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job and so on


Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception

[Al-Qur’an-17/53, 2/83]

Choose best words to speak and say them in the best possible way


Always speak the truth. Shun words that are deceitful and ostentatious


Say with your mouth what is in your heart


Speak in a civilised manner in a language that is recognised by the society and is commonly used


When you voice an opinion, be just, even if it is against a relative


If, unintentionally, any misconduct occurs by you, then correct yourself expeditiously


Be moderate in thy pace


Walk with humility and sedateness

[Al-Qur’an-24/30-31, 40/19]

Keep your gazes lowered devoid of any lecherous leers and salacious stares


When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favourable view about him/her until you attain full knowledge about the matter. Consider others innocent until they are proven guilty with solid and truthful evidence


Ascertain the truth of any news, lest you smite someone in ignorance and afterwards repent of what you did


The believers are but a single Brotherhood. Live like members of one family, brothers and sisters unto one another

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